New Jersey Online Poker: A Comprehensive Review of Rewards Programs and VIP Schemes

Pick the right site for you with our independent guide to New Jersey online poker rakeback.


Updated on April 13, 2015

  • For online poker grinders, VIP programs are very important. They can return up to 35% of the rake you pay. In exchange, online poker rooms earn your loyalty—so it’s important to pick the right site for you.
  • VIP programs can be confusing with their points and tiers. Thankfully, all four online poker rooms in New Jersey work pretty much the same way. You earn status points every time you play; the more status points, the higher VIP tier you can achieve. VIP tiers mean cash bonuses which return some of the rake you paid.
  • Handily, every poker room has the same status points system: 2 points are earned for every dollar paid in rake.
  • Tiers work on a calendar basis, usually monthly, but also in some cases quarterly and annually. When you start at the beginning of the month, you maximize the chance of reaching the best tier. If you reach a monthly tier, you will remain on that tier at a minimum for the rest of the current calendar month, plus all the next month.

VIP Programs at a Quick Glance

How much can you rake in a month? Pick a number of how much you think you can rake in one month from the left hand column in the chart below, and see how much in cash back you will generate from each New Jersey online poker site.

Note that some VIP programs give you bonuses, some instant cash, and there may be other perks and clauses. Read below for details, but this table should give you a good indication of what bonuses you can expect.

How much will you rake per month? 888 NJ WSOP NJ Borgata party NJ
$10 5% 0% 2% 7%
$50 8% 0% 2% 7%
$100 10% 2% 4% 7%
$350 10% 4% 8% 8%
$1000 10% 6% 8% 10%
$2500 20% 8% 11% 10%
Site Pros / Cons of Each Site’s VIP Program
888 NJ Has the highest rakeback for mid and high level grinders. 5% starting level is generous. Rewards are in the form of instant cash.
WSOP NJ Rakeback isn’t the highest, but it’s good when combined with the other generous offers the site frequently runs. Annual rewards are good and the site has been steadily improving their VIP program—most recently by adding APP thresholds to their Elite Status.
Borgata In the $300-$500 month range, Borgata’s VIP program hits the sweet spot. Also, it frequently has good promos for grinders.
partypoker NJ Best rewards for low volume or infrequent/casual players. Great VIP program for tournament players.

888 NJ: The Most Rewarding

  • 888’s VIP program is the simplest system in New Jersey and the most generous for both casual players and daily grinders.
  • All players start get 5% cashback from the very first hand they play. Regular players can easily achieve 15-20% cashback, and the program goes up to 35% for high volume players.
  • Rewards points mean instant cash, with no fuss and no playthrough requirements.

At 888, as you play poker and in the casino, you earn Status Points. In poker, you earn 2 SPs for every dollar attributed in rake. Status Points track your progress through VIP Status Tiers.

You also earn Rewards Points, and the higher your status, the quicker you accumulate them. Rewards Points can be converted instantly into real dollars at a rate of 1RP=1c. These aren’t bonuses, this is cash that goes directly into your bankroll and can be cashed out immediately.

Status Points Rake/Month Rake/Day Multiplier Cashback
Blue (Everyone) - - 2.5x 5%
Iron 50 $25 $0.81 4x 8%
Bronze 200 $100 $3.23 5x 10%
Silver 3000 $1500 $48.39 7.5x 15%
Gold 6000 $3000 $96.77 10x 20%
Platinum 20,000 $10000 $322.58 17.5x 35%

WSOP New Jersey: Lots of Tiers Makes it Easy to Move Up

  • WSOP New Jersey’s VIP is transparent and simple to understand.
  • To start earning rewards you need to rake $100 within a calendar month.
  • There are 11 different tiers which is good for players—it means the next level up is always within shooting distance.
  • Regular players should be able to reach 4%-8% in cashback, well below what other sites offer.
  • Tiers do go all the way up to 30%, which is competitive—but these are annual tiers can be hard to hit; although recent changes have made Elite status easier to achieve. The 20% level is do-able but it is a big commitment.

WSOP has recently added new milestone levels for players at Elite Status

In addition to the equivalent of 20% rakeback, players that achieve Elite status now have the opportunity to earn more than an additional $2,600 in threshold bonuses. With more than 20 thresholds to reach, Elite status players have the chance to start earning additional money right away.

As you play, you earn WSOP status points at a rate of 2 APPs for every dollar paid in rake. You enroll automatically in the club once you rake $5 in a month (that is, 10 APPs). If you are below that level, you get access into an exclusive $250 freeroll instead. The first tier is Bronze level, but that’s worth nothing except entry into a $1000 freeroll.

The real rewards start at Silver—where you start generating WSOP points. Here is where the program gets good: WSOP points are converted instantly into real money. This money goes into your bankroll, and can be withdrawn at any time—there’s no playthrough requirement or other hoops to jump through.

Moving up in tiers increases the rate you accumulate WSOP points by way of a multiplier. There are nine tiers based on monthly accumulation of points, and two that work on an annual basis.

Below are the different tiers, the number of APPs needed to reach the tier, and what that works out at a daily rate (in a 31-day month).

Tier APPs Rake/month Rake/day Multiplier Rakeback
Copper 2 $1 $0.03 0x 0%
Copper+ 20 $10 $0.30 0x 0%
Bronze 40 $20 $1.61 0x 0%
Bronze+ 100 $50 $0.65 0x 0%
Silver 200 $100 $3.23 4x 8%
Gold 400 $200 $6.45 5x 10%
Platinum 1200 $600 $19.35 6x 12%
Diamond 3500 $1750 $56.45 7.5x 15%
Elite (annual) 50,000 $25,000 $68.49 10x 20%
Super Elite (annual) 250,000 $125,000 $342.47 12.5x 25%
Seven Stars (annual) 400,000 $200,000 $547.94 15x 30%

Get all the details on the WSOP Action Club

Borgata Poker: Easy to Hit 8%+

  • Borgata’s iRewards program has four monthly VIP tiers and one quarterly tier.
  • Everyone starts on the bottom tier, which earns 2% cashback. The highest tier tops out at 15%, below the industry standard.
  • Reaching the 8%-10% level is attainable, and even the highest tier is within reach for many players.
  • On the downside, rewards points are bonuses not instant cash so there is a play-through requirement.

In the My Borgata iRewards program, players accrue points, called iRPs. All players are automatically started on the entry level—Red Label—and as they accrue iRPs they move up in tiers. There are four monthly tiers, and one quarterly tier.

iRPs can be spent in the store on various items, including instant cash, poker bonuses, satellite and tournament buy-ins, hotel stays, electronics, and more.

While instant cash is tempting, and casino trips and electronics may attract some, for most people the best deal in the store is cash bonuses. The rakeback percentages in the table below are based on a player using points to buy these bonuses.

Status Points Rake/month Rake/Day Rakeback
Red Label (Everyone) - - 2%
Red Label Plus 150 $75 $2.41 4%
Silver Label 650 $325 $10.48 8%
Black Label 2500 $1250 $40.32 11.01%
Black Label Elite (Quarterly) 15,000 $7500 $82.19 15.02%

Sign up and start accumulating rewards at Borgata Poker today

partypoker New Jersey: For Tournament Grinders & Low Volume Players

  • The most complicated VIP program which can only really be understood by logging in to your points store—and have a calculator handy (But don’t worry, we’ve done all the hard work for you.)
  • There are four monthly tiers, the highest is easy to achieve for grinders.
  • For tournament players, Palladium means 16.67% cashback. For cash game players, they only get 10% cashback—and its in the form of bonuses.

Just like Borgata, everyone enters the rewards program and starts off at Bronze, and moves up by earning points. There are four monthly tiers, and one quarterly tier.

Points can be spent in the store on tournament tickets and bonuses. There are four cash bonuses in the store, and the higher your tier the better bonus you can buy. But the best way to use your points is by redeeming them for tournament tickets.

That table below assumes there’s no special tournament tickets available. Cash bonus rakeback assumes you cash in your points at the highest value available at that tier.

Tier Points Rake Rake/day Rakeback in Tickets Rakeback in Cash Bonuses
Bronze (everyone) - - 6.67% 7.14%
Silver 250 $125 $4.03 10% 7.14%
Gold 500 $250 $8.06 13.3% 8%
Palladium 1000 $500 $16.16 16.67% 10%
Palladium Elite 10,000/quarter $5000/q $54.79 20% 10%

Get all the details on the partypoker Palladium Elite Club

April 13, 2015