The Stars Group

The Stars Group reported $191.5 million in online poker revenue from its PokerStars business in Q2 2019. It is the first time in the five-year record that revenue from poker has dropped below $200 million.

It represents a decline of 12% year-over-year. On a constant currency basis, the decline was 7%. It is the third consecutive quarter that the international poker business has declined year-over-year.

For the international segment as a whole, revenue was $322 million, down 8%, though this was reportedly only -2.5% in constant currency. Sports betting declined 7%, upheld in part by slight growth in casino.

As a share of the international segment, poker represents 60%, down from 62% during the same quarter last year.

Total company revenue grew 55% thanks to the acquisitions of Sky Betting and Gaming and the Australia businesses. Both segments grew year-over-year by 13%.

Across all verticals, poker in Q2 2019 was in fact the smallest business segment at 30.4% compared to casino (30.8%) and sports (35.7%).

Among the other reported KPIs, total active unique customers stands out with the UK segment reporting more (2.2 million) than the international segment (2.1 million) for the first time.

Quarterly net yield in the international business declined 2.4% year-over-year, but reportedly grew 2.9% in constant currency.