Social gaming company Zynga reported online gaming revenue of $282 million in revenue in Q3 2019, by far the largest quarter on record. It represents growth of 17% on the last quarter and 70% growth on the same period a year ago.

Total company revenue, which also includes a contribution from advertising, was $345 million, growth of 48% year-over-year.

Revenue from its online poker product Zynga Poker, however, slipped significantly. Now representing just 10% of the company portfolio, estimated quarterly revenue of just $28.2 million is a slip of 16% year-over-year and the lowest quarter since 2016.

Once the most important product in Zynga’s line-up, other games now far exceed it in both bookings and revenue. Merge Dragons accounts for 22% of gaming revenue; Empire and Puzzles is at 21%.

Just 18 months ago, poker represented almost a quarter of company revenue. It now seems likely that from Q4 onward it will fall below the 10% reporting threshold.