The Stars Group

The Stars Group’s online poker revenue in its primary international segment was $190 million in Q3 2019, a decline of 11% year-over-year, the group reported Thursday. On a constant currency basis, the decline was 8%.

If is the fifth quarter of loss when compared year-ovear-year, and the third in double digits. Revenue for 2019 is set to be at least 10% lower than in 2018, and now looks likely to set a five-year low.

Revenue across the entire segment faired slightly better, down 7.7% overall (4.2% constant currency), with slight growth in casino gaming offsetting a 14% fall in betting. Casino has grown to represent a third of international revenue; poker is at 58%.

Across the entire business, revenue exceeded $622,000, up 8.8% year-over-year, with both the UK and Australia segments growing revenue in meaningful double-digits.

The UK segment grew 35%. In part this was due to the timing of the SBG acquisition last year, but underlying growth on a constant currency basis was still a very healthy 21%.