2019: Partypoker's Year for Streaming 2019: Partypoker's Year for Streaming

Partypoker has announced that it will be focusing its efforts on streaming as part of a wide, overarching strategy for 2019. It will focus on collaboration, content creation and investment into the Twitch.TV platform as it works on building a global online poker audience.

The streaming strategy includes the creation of Team Online, a roster of ambassadors dedicated to streaming play exclusively on partypoker tables; a new high-stakes cash game; a planned 24/7 Twitch show; sponsorship deals; and the creation of multi-language channels.

“We have been a bit behind the curve when it comes to streaming, but we are hoping to make up for lost time by compiling an elite team that will be able to stream entertaining and engaging content 24/7,” Tom Waters, partypoker Managing Director, stated in the press release on the first Team Online signing.

“Twitch offers us an amazing opportunity to provide our viewers with amazing content covering a broad range of areas and topics, ranging from live high stakes cash games and strategy discussions, to prize giveaways and behind-the-scenes exclusives, so our audience will never be short of quality poker content on the go,” a spokesperson went on to tell PRO.