Rob Yong, Dusk Till Dawn owner and partner of GVC, has soft-launched “fairplay,” an initiative designed to bring together major operators in the online poker and casino industry to combat collusion, cheating and bots.

Formerly referred to as Online Poker Against Cheating (OPAC), fairplay has yet to officially launch. But the website, first seen by PRO, reveals details surrounding the project. According to the first blog post on the website, Dusk Till Dawn and partypoker are the project’s first members.

“I founded fairplay to encourage online poker sites, live poker Tours and casino card rooms to collaborate by sharing information on customers that they have caught cheating, for example, using bots, collusion, multi-accounting or ghosting,” Yong states on the website.

However, questions remain over the practicalities of the project, which aims to build an industry-wide blacklist of banned players. Data privacy laws present significant hurdles.