The global online poker industry has given up almost all of its gains from the last three months, analysis from PRO based on the latest cash game figures reveal.

According to data from independent industry monitor GameIntel, which tracks average daily cash game traffic across dozens of the largest online poker rooms worldwide, markets around the world have almost returned to levels seen prior to the outbreak of coronavirus.

Available for analysis exclusively on the PRO Data platform for all subscribers, relative trends show that, over the last 180 days, traffic in the European segregated market, comprising France, Spain and Portugal, is now back to where it was in March at around 3750 concurrent cash game seats. The Italian market is actually down over the last 180 days.

The global dot-com market is still up collectively around 20% over the last half-year, though many operators have seen traffic slip back down to near pre-pandemic levels.

Year-over-year, traffic is still up by a healthy margin in all markets: 10% in Italy, 20% in Southern Europe, over 30% in the international dot-com market. However, the latest data figures suggest these markets will see further declines in the coming weeks.

Whether operators will hang on to any gains enjoyed over the last three months is in question.