The overlay saga at PokerStars’ Stadium Series and partypoker WPT World Online Championships (WOC) continued this past week, with the majority of tournaments across the two series seeing overlays.

However, while the number of tournaments with overlays is increasing, most are getting much closer to their guaranteed prize pools. In fact, both PokerStars and partypoker have posted a top-line profit in the last week, with total rake collected exceeding the overlays shouldered.

The latest data, compiled exclusively by PRO, comes on the back of some of the biggest overlays seen in recent history, with almost $2 million in missed guarantees in the first two weeks of Stadium and the first week of WPT WOC.

This tally grew over the last week, taking the combined overlay shouldered by the pair to over $2.5 million. To date, half of Stadium Series events and two-thirds of WPT WOC events missed their guarantees.

These overlays come in addition to the “ticket drop” marketing campaigns announced ahead of the series. PokerStars has pledged to giveaway $2 million in Stadium Series ticket giveaways while partypoker has committed half a million dollars in added WPT seats.

Perhaps never before in the history of online poker have players enjoyed such big giveaways in tournaments.