PokerBros' Mobile App Returns to US Apple App Store After “Misunderstanding”

PokerBros, a popular social app that allows users to set up and administer private poker clubs, has been reinstated in Apple’s App Store in the United States following a temporary removal last month.

The mobile app was taken down from the digital store on August 27 “due to unexpected circumstances,” the operator stated on social media at the time.

When apps are pulled from the store, those who have it installed can usually continue using the app. However, it is not available for new players to download and the operator is prevented from pushing out updates.

However, in a statement provided exclusively to Poker Industry PRO this week, the operator clarified that the app was taken down due to a “misunderstanding.”

“The App was removed from the US App Store as a result of a misunderstanding on Apple’s part,” said Clodagh Hansen, Head of Marketing at PokerBros, to PRO. “It was reinstated on September 2nd.”