888 Deploys New Look Lobby as Poker 8 Rollout Continues

888poker is pushing out a desktop client update with a revamped online poker lobby, another step in the operator’s ongoing project to overhaul all aspects of its poker product, known as Poker 8.

The new client is known to have been deployed in the UK and Germany and may already be available globally. Existing installs did not, at the time of PRO’s testing, auto-update, but uninstalling and downloading the new client installed the latest version.

Just like the upgrade to the poker tables back in 2019, and the launch of all-new mobile poker clients last month, this new update marks a significant improvement to the poker experience—this time, with a focus on the lobby.

The main poker screen has been completely overhauled. Where the previous layout felt dated and cramped, the new design is cleaner and feels more modern, with judicious use of space to separate components.