A Closer Look at SCOOP and GGSF Performance: Which Series is Doing Better?

The two gigantic online poker spring festivals currently taking place on PokerStars and GGPoker have gotten off to a soaring start.

A colossal $250 million is guaranteed between SCOOP and GGSF currently going head-to-head with each other making April one of the biggest months in the history of online poker.

Both the series commenced last Sunday with a slate of big events lined up on the opening day and are looking to best their overall guarantees comfortably.

More than $50 million in prize money has already been generated in just three days between the two festivals. Guarantees have been met across the board with only two or three missing their guarantees.

Rising online poker giant GGPoker is taking the lead with its GG Spring Festival producing over $31 million across 51 tournaments.

PokerStars’ SCOOP has thus far amassed $20 million over 45 tournaments but has done much better with eclipsing the guarantees, smashing past at 40%, on average, compared to GG’s 22%. It has also attracted almost three times more entries than GGSF.

This is because a high percentage of tournaments at GG have higher entry fees, with buy-ins averaging almost twice than the SCOOP series.

With just three days of action, both PokerStars and GGPoker have accumulated $1.3 million each in rake/tournament fees from the series alone.