PokerStars on Branded Content & Design: An Interview with Associate Director Francine Watson PokerStars on Branded Content & Design: An Interview with Associate Director Francine Watson

2020: The year of the coronavirus; its impact felt globally. Businesses have had to adapt to the ever-changing landscape created by the pandemic; the poker industry is no different.

The bulk of all live poker events between March and September were postponed. Cancellations into winter are expected. Many have been moved online where possible.

This, along with stay-at-home orders across many parts of Europe, resulted in unprecedented online poker traffic. In April and May, traffic hit historic highs, and the summer was jam-packed with new online tournament series from some of the world’s biggest online poker brands.

PRO estimated $800 million was paid out in prize money in a three-month period. With all attention turned online, the industry invested heavily into events to make them prestigious for players, and as engaging as possible for audiences across the globe.

For PokerStars, this first meant Stadium Series, a spectacle tournament festival in summer which aimed to capture some of the allure of live events with a series that focused on a slim schedule, prestigious guarantees, lucrative promotions and engaging livestreams.

Now, the stakes are even higher with EPT Online, the first ever online edition of its storied European Poker Tour. It started on Sunday and cards up coverage commences tomorrow.

In this exclusive series of interviews, PRO is sitting down with executives at the company to understand how multiple departments are coming together to produce unparalleled visual content. The PokerStars universe is a rich one and it’s our job to bring it to life through content,Last month, PRO talked to Scott Goodall, Head of Poker Communities and Engagement, to understand their streaming strategy and how it fits into over-arching poker communities and engagement strategies.

Now, for the first time, PRO talks to Francine Watson, Associate Director of Branded Content and Design at PokerStars, to understand how these efforts fit into the company’s wider production and marketing strategy.