Online Poker Product at 888: An Interview with Moran Fermon, Head of Poker Product

Over the last two years, 888poker has been revamping its entire online poker experience. Starting with new desktop tables launched back in 2018, the operator has since rolled out a dramatic upgrade to the entire desktop software and has launched next-gen, portrait-first mobile apps across all devices, worldwide.

In the summer, company executives said it was “overwhelmed” with demand for its online poker product, reporting poker growth up more than 50%. This was due to external factors—the pandemic led to a resurgence of interest in online poker, causing all operators to enjoy record traffic levels—but it was surreptitious for 888, having recently deployed one of its biggest online poker upgrades in a decade.

“They say timing is everything in life,” 888 CEO Itai Pazner told investors in October, “and on the back of the surge in online poker popularity, we’ve completed a two-year development project of a product we’re calling Poker 8, which was launched in test mode in July this year just after the lockdown.”

Last week, PRO spoke with Elad Nir, 888 Holding’s VP of Marketing and Head of 888poker to get his take on what fueled the growth and where 888poker was heading.

To find out more about the deployment of Poker 8 and the future direction of the poker product, PRO sat down with Moran Fermon, Head of Poker Product.