Online poker revenue in Denmark rebounded in Q2 2020, up 35% year-over-year to DKK 45.9 million.

It is the best single quarter in terms of annual growth on record, and second only to the very first quarter—Q1 2014—when revenue hit DKK 46.9 million.

Casino revenue also grew, but by a much more modest 4.5%. Indeed, unlike poker, there was no noticeable change in the vertical’s trajectory in Q1 and Q2 under the coronavirus, extending its modest single percentage growth as observed since 2019.

However, it is going up against a very strong comparative—Q2 2019 was an outlier quarter at DKK 600 million, establishing a previous market high. Therefore, Q2 2020 still stands out as the best in terms of casino revenue in the market to date.

With the suspension of sporting events around the globe, online sports betting revenue in Denmark understandably collapsed in Q2, down 40% to DKK 252.8 million, the lowest since 2013.