Portuguese gross gaming revenue in online poker reached €15 million in 2020. It represents growth of 25% on 2019, though did not exceed the market high of €16.4 million set in the market’s first year of 2017.

As seen in other markets in Europe and beyond, it was a year dominated by the impacts of coronavirus. Revenue in Q1 was up 27%, then surged in Q2, up 89% year-over-year.

However, it fell back down to earth in Q3, dropping 10% and Q4 was only fractionally better, down 1.5%. It suggests that, outside of the brief rush of players during May to July, the market trajectory continues the downward slope it has been on since 2017.

Other casino games fared much better. Casino revenue in Q4 2020 hit a new high of €49.1 million, and sports soared to €64.1 million.