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Confessions of a Poker Writer:The Dichotomy of Truth

In this article, poker writer Lee Davy examines the possibility that the truth about drug use and poker could be harming its ability to attract mainstream advertisers. Davy uses a recent interview with Bryn Kenney and Sorel Mizzi as an example of the challenges he faces to write about interesting aspects of poker without harming the image of the game.

Though he tries to remain neutral on the use of marijuana, statements such as, “So I do not believe that poker is the only sport that has a drug problem,” show his inherent bias on the topic. But it is a bias that serves the article (and his overall point) well as it is likely on par with the opinions of mainstream advertisers. No matter what your view is on marijuana use, this article speaks to a broader topic—one that is valuable to discuss if we hope to advance the game of poker into the mainstream.