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DFS Needs To Address The Skill Gap Between Winning And Losing Players

With the NFL season now underway, and daily fantasy sports embarking on what it hopes is the biggest four-month stretch in its history, it’s only appropriate that we highlight a topic that is making its way from a whisper to a scream.

The difference in skill between professional online poker players and recreational players has caused great detriment to the overall health of the online poker ecology in recent years, but the skill gap problem in daily fantasy sports is like online poker on steroids.

Steve Ruddock examines some of the key contributors to the problem, and others have recently written about the issue as well including poker author Ed Miller, online poker industry consultant/entrepreneur Kim Lund and Casino City Times’ Aaron Todd.

The rate of growth of DFS along with the large amount of crossover from the online poker industry are reasons enough to become familiar with a problem that has the potential to destroy an industry. Understanding the pitfalls is the first step to righting the ship.