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Value Comes from Interactions, not Individuals

Because of its importance to the long term viability of the industry, online poker room ecology is one of the most hotly debated topics today. Operators and high volume players have differing views on the topic, which has manifested into several boycotts over the past few years—including the latest one that took place this week in response to a change in plans to the player rewards program at industry leader PokerStars.

In this article, Alex Weldon examines the view from both ends of the debate. He also provides his own perspective which is less dependent on the types of players that make up a poker ecology and more focused on the relationship between the different types of players and the site itself.

Even if you are already hard fast in your opinion on the topic, exposure to a contrary point of view can help to better understand a problem and develop a solution that is more likely to be accepted by all involved. Give this one a read.