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How 'Sportifying’ Poker Will Increase Acceptance And Popularity With Patrick Nally

Many in the poker industry agree that the future of poker lies in its ability to appeal to the mainstream. Though poker entrepreneur Alex Dreyfus gets much of the credit for efforts to “sportify” poker, we now know that at least someone else is trying.

The promotion of a game called Match Poker, where members of teams compete by playing identical holdings against members of the other teams (similar to Bridge), is giving poker another opportunity to reach the masses in way that differs from the smoky backrooms in which poker is so often portrayed.

Becky Liggero interviews Patrick Nally of Match Poker to find out why he thinks his efforts to reach the mainstream with this game will be successful. Nally provides a prediction for how successful Match Poker will be in the near-term and addresses skeptics’ concerns that this type of game has been tried before.

No matter where you come down on these topics, give this interview a read to see what efforts are being made outside your corner of the industry.