Reads of the Week

Poker’s Problems

Keith Woernle continues his series on Part Time Poker discussing how to grow poker’s popularity and global appeal, with one article on the virtuous cycle of large tournament prize pools and another on televised poker. Here is an excerpt from the latter:

If you walk by and view a poker table in a casino, you’ll lose interest after about three minutes. The game simply doesn’t have enough drama without hole-card knowledge, and even then many hands simply aren’t very interesting by themselves.
If you like seeing every hand played that’s great. There was a place for revealing every hand, and it was called “Poker After Dark.” Watching a replay of the Stars Million final table on your laptop can also get you the every-hand fix, as can a live-stream. But showing several “raise-and-take-its” on TV is simply going to elicit a channel change. The fun needs to be re-injected into the coverage. Televised poker lies somewhere between reality television and televised sports, but it’s not quite either.