888's New "Next Generation" Online Poker Upgrade May Be Only Skin-Deep

The much-touted Poker 8 online poker client, 888’s “next generation” software billed as its biggest upgrade in more than half a decade, may amount to only aesthetic improvements.

According to public reports from players who say they are beta testing the new client, the upgrade is mostly just a new poker table “skin” and a few product tweaks rather than a fundamental overhaul of the online poker experience.

“This is nothing more than a new table and replayer layout,” writes one customer on a Russian poker forum where 888 solicited beta testers. “I couldn’t find any new functionality.”

The lobby is “completely old,” beyond a new settings dialog box, it was stated. Furthermore, the new layout currently only works for cash game tables, and it is also reportedly not functioning correctly on the SNAP fast-fold games.