The State of the Online Poker Industry: Spring 2019 is the authoritative source for insights and analysis of the online poker industry by Poker Industry PRO. The latest addition to PRO’s library of reports analyzing the online poker industry documents the recent trends exhibited by online poker providers, important developments in gaming regulation around the globe, and the performance of igaming companies that operate the largest online poker rooms in the world.

The report provides in-depth analysis of several aspects of the online poker industry including a detailed look at recent marketing strategies, product development, the regulatory landscape affecting the growth of the game and other key indicators that can be used to assess the health of the industry. The report also looks forward to the rest of 2019, identifying strengths and weaknesses of some of the industry’s biggest stakeholders.

“Not all online poker operators are moving in the same direction or taking the same strategical approach,” said Poker Industry PRO Editor, Nick Jones. “The report provides the information and perspective necessary to identify the finer points that can make the biggest difference.”

“In addition, we highlight what to look for in the remainder of 2019 as part of the way to gauge which companies will be leading the charge this time next year,” Jones continued.

Inside the report, the “Industry Trends” section covers the major themes of the last six months, “Market Developments” details the major regulatory advancements in the online gambling industry as a whole, and “Operator Focus” wraps things up with a spotlight cast on every major online poker operator—looking at their performance, key developments in 2018, and outlook for 2019.

Included as part of the report for the first time are three special features touching on some of the most influential aspects of the online poker industry today.

“Twitch: 2019’s Acquisition Battleground” explores the landscape of online poker within the live-streaming sphere with industry comment from The Stars Group, partypoker, and the former Head of Poker at Twitch.

“European Shared Liquidity: Online Poker’s New Frontline” looks at the impact of the first year of the new multinational online poker player pool in Southern Europe and its path forward in 2019, with input from industry stakeholders including French gaming regulator ARJEL.

“Looking Five Years Back and Five Years Forward with Relax Gaming COO Martin Stalros” helps paint the picture of the ever-changing landscape of the online poker product while proving insight into the considerations involved in the development process of one of the industry’s leading next generation online poker platforms.

The State of the Online Poker Industry: Spring 2019 is available to all Poker Industry PRO customers. Non-subscribers can contact [email protected] for further information about obtaining a copy of the report and learning more about the leading data analytics platform dedicated to understanding the online poker industry.