Alberto Carvalho, FreeImages Content License

The tender process for seven online gambling licenses in the Province of Buenos Aires has reportedly been put on hold following an election primary suggesting the country will shift politically to the left in October’s general election.

The Governor of Buenos Aires, MarĂ­a Eugenia Vidal, who signed Decree 181/19 into law in April that authorizes online gambling, has put pause to the process until after the general elections next month, local media has reported.

Given election primary results last month and current polling, it seems likely that the coalition party Frente de Todos will form the next Government.

The decision to issue licenses, modify the bill—or kill the bill entirely—may now fall to Vidal’s likely successor, Axel Kicillof.

Any expansion of gambling is controversial in the country; its status under a socialist government with much bigger issues to tackle should be considered in jeopardy. However, it remains a key source of potential new revenue for a province effectively in default.