PokerStars returned $1.87 million to players from money confiscated from cheaters in 2019, the company has revealed.

The infographic, produced by PokerStars and first published on blog Cardplayer Lifestyle last week, also revealed that in Q4 last year approximately 2800 accounts had been caught cheating. Of those, just over 100 were cheating using bots.

As per the company’s financial reports, 1.9 million accounts were active in online poker that quarter. That equates to less than 0.15% caught cheating.

The report joins an ongoing conversation in the industry regarding increased transparency around efforts to catch cheaters online, and how much money is seized from those cheaters and redistributed back to affected players.

“Our intention here is to reassure players that they have the full force of more than 50 of the industry’s finest programmers, analysts and ex-pro players looking after their best interests at the tables,” a spokesperson for the PokerStars Gaming Integrity Department stated in a companion interview published last week.

“Obviously, there are some details about our processes that we can’t share, but the more we arm players with the information they need to make the right decisions on where to play, the better,” it was stated. “That goes for us, as well as our competitors.”