High profile Twitch streamers Jaime Staples and Jeff Gross have both announced on their social media accounts that they are parting ways with PokerStars for new independent projects.

Gross, a former 888 sponsored pro, has been with PokerStars for the best part of two years, streaming via his Poker Flow Show. Staples served a four-year tenure with the online poker operator, regularly streaming on Twitch and creating buzz around side projects on YouTube such as his Ultimate Sweat prop-bet challenge in 2017.

Gross stated in his Twitter post that an agreement with PokerStars to renew his contract “could not be reached.” Staples was vaguer, alluding to wanting to “do something bigger” than what he had achieve at PokerStars.

“I have reached a crossroads where I had to make a decision this year,” Staples said on his YouTube channel. “Do I continue with the status quo? Working hard, making a decent impact, collecting my compensation and grinding it out? Or do I try and do something more. Take a risk to make a bigger impact on the game we all love. After a lot of consideration, I decided the latter was the best course of action.”

Both players indicated they left on good terms.