Run it Once cash-game only launch is seen as a success. The site is now open to international real money play at NL and PLO games.
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Around midday GMT on Wednesday, February 6, Run It Once Poker finally opened its doors to the public.

It comes almost two and a half years after the project was first announced, and five months after the first invite-only beta tests. It was one in a string of public test periods for real money, including a period earlier this month when the site was open for three days.

Even today, the site is considered to be in “public beta,” the company revealed last week. There are still known issues with the software, and the site will remain in this phase until the platform is “nearly flawless,” Galfond wrote.

However, for the first time, the site is open for signups internationally and should now remain open permanently.

“You may encounter the occasional hiccup here and there” Galfond explained just prior to launch. The company continues to “work out the kinks, add features, and make other improvements, but we’re proud of what we’ve built and we think you’re going to really enjoy playing on it,” Galfond continued.