New online money poker room Run It Once Poker has announced 101% Week, where all the rake collected at the tables will be returned to players through a variety of daily promotions.

It is thought to be the largest promotion run by the operator since launching five months ago, and comes following its biggest software update to date, fixing a variety of stability improvements to the client.

“Many of the changes in this release are architectural changes that won’t be obvious through surface-level UI improvements,” a spokesperson stated ahead of the client rollout, “but should make a difference in stability, performance, and how quickly we can develop moving forward.”

As the name would suggest, 101% Week promises to give back 101% of all rake collected at the tables. Normally, Run It Once returns 51% of all rake via its Splash the Pot rewards program, so the promotion works out at an additional 50% rake returned to players.

The mechanism for returning money to players changes each day. On Wednesday, June 12, the first day of the promotion, the extra money is added directly to players’ accounts; on Thursday, all the money will be given via “Super Splash” Splash the Pots; on Friday, €1010 will be distributed via a “Big Spring” rake race.

These structures are then repeated—direct rakeback on Saturday, Super Splash on Sunday, and Big Sprint on Monday. On the last day of the promotion, Tuesday, June 18, any remaining rake not distributed back to players will be added to a larger “Rake Return Day,” with details yet to be announced.