PokerStars Overhauls Spin and Gos PokerStars Overhauls Spin and Gos

Without fanfare, PokerStars has released a major refresh to its lottery sit and go game, Spin and Go, with new standard buy-ins, a special $1 million rotating “Jackpot” game, plus a new blind structure that allows more play time for high-multiplier tournaments.

PokerStars has a constantly-changing string of different buy-ins and special tournaments in its Spin and Go lobby, with upwards of 18 different games in just the “Hold’em” tab alone.

Traditionally, the operator supplements a core base of some ten buy-ins with various limited-edition games, some of which come with special top prizes, others which award satellite tickets to upcoming tournament series.

Following a software update yesterday, the operator refreshed its core buy-ins. There are still ten buy-ins, but many have been reduced: The $15 game is now $10; the $60 is now $50, etc. Those at the micro- and high-stakes are unchanged.

Some of these buy-ins now fall into a higher rake bracket. For example, the $60 game before was priced at 5%; there is now a $50 game in its place with 6% rake. Similarly, the $15 game at 6% has gone; in its place is a $10 game at 7%.

Special tournaments have also seen a refresh, with the operator ending its limited-edition $2 million and $3 million top-prize tournaments. It comes soon after a $2 million prize was triggered at a $5 tournament last week. This is understood to be one of the largest prizes ever paid out at an online poker table (second only, perhaps, to 2010’s WCOOP Main Event winner).

In its place is what seems to be a new Jackpot Spin & Go concept, where one of the core buy-in Spins will be switched to a special edition with a $1 million top prize.