Winning Poker Network Launches Bomb Pots Winning Poker Network Launches Bomb Pots

US-facing offshore online poker network Winning Poker Network (WPN) has launched a new Bomb Pots feature, thought to be a first in real money online poker.

In Bomb Pots, all players are forced to post extra big blinds preflop. The hand then immediately moves to the next betting round. In Hold’em, this means the flop is dealt, and then betting resumes as normal.

Initially, Bomb Pots on WPN are trigger randomly across all tables, up to four times per hour, during allotted “Happy Hours.”

However, ultimately this feature will be rolled out across all variants and all stakes on designated Bomb Pot tables, thus giving players the choice as to whether they participate or not.

It will be offered at all WPN cash games, including No Limit and Limit Hold’em, PLO and Stud, at both high and hi/lo split variants.