New Strategic Material Policy Comes into Effect on partypoker

A new “Strategic Material” policy has come into effect as of February 1, 2021, on partypoker. It adds another layer to the list of restricted tools and cements the operator’s multi-year commitment to “level the playing field.”

The new policy, outlined in the operator’s Safer Poker page, now explicitly prohibits “strategic material, in any form whatsoever,” including “any form of chart.” The only exception is material presented by the operator’s built-in advisory tool, MyGame.

The new policy continues a trend throughout the online poker industry of restricting the usage of external software programs and reference material while playing.

Some operators have taken a very strict approach, outright banning all tools. Others have taken a middle-ground approach, allowing certain applications while prohibiting others.

Furthermore, some sites—including partypoker—have implemented their own in-game tools, available equally to all users, and offered as a legitimate alternative to third-party software.