Poker Industry PRO

Poker Industry PRO is excited to announced the publication of new in-depth reports on the online poker industry, available today to all subscribers.

State of the Online Poker Industry: Summer 2018 is the second in a new biannual publication that covers all significant developments in the industry, identifies key trends and highlights anticipated headwinds and opportunities in one of the most dynamic and fast-changing verticals in the industry.

The Online Poker Difference: Understanding the Business of Online Poker is a primer on the industry, designed for analysts, investors, journalists, editors, regulators, lawmakers, or anyone tasked with getting rapidly up to speed on the industry.

“After months of team effort, we’re very excited to publish our biggest and most ambitious release of reports to date,” stated Nick Jones, Editor of Poker Industry PRO and lead author of the papers.

“Together, they make excellent partners,” said Jones. “The Online Poker Difference starts from the ground up, covering a history of online poker, where it fits into the igaming industry and what makes the vertical important. State of the Online Poker Industry builds on that foundation, covering all the latest news in the industry and looks forward to anticipated developments.”

The pair of papers are part of a new reporting arm of Poker Industry PRO which launched last year. The new initiative aims to utilize PRO’s knowledge and expertise, coupled with our best-in-class data platform, and explore topics and ideas that will be relevant for months and years to come.

PRO’s first publication was an exclusive six-part deep dive into The Stars Group (formerly Amaya). This was followed up by the inaugural State of the Online Poker Industry, published in October 2017.

This week’s publications greatly expand this new initiative, which is provided as part of PRO’s corporate subscriptions. All existing subscribers have access to all new and existing reports, without any additional fee.

The Online Poker Difference covers all major aspects of what makes online poker distinct to other online gaming verticals, and argues why poker should be approached differently. For those new to the industry, it will also introduce and define key terms and concepts and give a brief overview of the industry’s 20 year history.

Set out clearly and succinctly over 24 pages, readers will learn:

  • Why poker is important to the online gaming industry from a regulatory perspective.
  • The advantages poker provides as a skill game and spectator sport.
  • What is meant by a poker ecosystem and its importance to sustaining a viable market.
  • How decisions about game variety and stake levels impact poker ecology.
  • The unique challenges faced in maintaining the integrity of online poker games.
  • How online poker networks work.

State of the Online Poker Industry: Summer 2018 picks up where the last report finished. It covers all the key trends and developments over the last six months and dives deep into the online poker performance of all major regulated operators. Among the sections in this 40-page report filled with over 20 charts, the topics covered include:

  • The significant upcoming changes and trends expected over the remainder of 2018.
  • Discussion of significant regulatory headwinds and opportunities.
  • Performance analysis across the major online poker operators.
  • Major changes and developments on an individual operator basis.
  • A Calendar of key dates and projections for the year.
  • Special discussion on industry consolidation and its impacts on the poker industry.

For subscribers, if you have not yet received your copy of either report, please contact our support team and we will deliver it via email.

If you are interested in becoming a PRO subscriber, or wish to purchase the reports a la carte, please contact the sales team.