Partypoker, GVC Holdings’ resurgent online poker room, has launched Short Deck Hold’em, a game that has seen increasing popularity among the high stakes poker community in recent years.

Partypoker’s Short Deck went live across the room’s global dot-com market on Wednesday. It is currently available in a beta at cash only. The game launched in the UK, but is not yet available in other regulated online poker markets including Czech Republic, Sweden and the European segregated network.

Short Deck, also known as Six Plus Hold’em, plays similarly to Texas Hold’em except with a deck stripped of deuces through fives. As a result, hand rankings are usually changed—most commonly, flushes are ranked higher than a full house. Aces can be used as both low and high, with A6789 making the lowest straight and TJQKA making the nut straight.

Partypoker’s version has adopted the same structure that is followed in the high stakes Triton Poker Series. In this version, there is no small and big blind; instead, the game uses an ante-only button blind structure where every player on the table pays an ante and the player on the button adding a second live ante.