GVC-owned partypoker has announced that the online poker room has recently taken stern action against hundreds of bot accounts in its continued attempt to provide a safer and fairer online poker room to play.

As per the recent press release, the site has confirmed that it had closed 277 bot accounts between December 1, 2018, and March 31, 2019, and have reimbursed nearly $735,000 to players who were impacted by these bots.

The announcement comes ahead of the reports that the room is moving towards banning all kinds of tracking tools as part of their strategy to level the playing field and protect recreational players. The first comments about a possible ban on HUDs came from partypoker partner Rob Yong in an interview to CalvinAyre’s Lee Davy in the first week of March.

“There are lots of changes that are happening,” said Yong. “There will be no HUDs on the site very soon.” This was later confirmed by partypoker representative Colette Stewart on the poker room’s customer support chat room on Discord after a member asked if the room plans to ban HUDs.