The new policy came into force across all the licenses on April 11. In March, PokerStars restricted seating scripts that automated the process of joining the tables based on opponent profiling.

PokerStars has imposed a ban on all so-called “automated seating scripts,” third-party tools that automate the process of choosing tables and seats at cash games tables. The new policy came into force across all its online poker rooms on April 11.

It comes just over a month after the operator passed new rules that restricted the effectiveness of such tools. However, this change had an “undesirable effect” on the games, the company stated; the operator has responded by taking the hardest line possible against the use of such scripts.

“In response to player feedback, we have made changes that prohibit players using seating scripts, effective immediately and for ring games only,” said a PokerStars spokesperson to PRO on Thursday, April 11.

In March, PokerStars made several changes to its third-party tools policy. This included restricting seating script tools from using player profiling when choosing a seat. However, at the time, the operator still permitted such tools that joined the tables “without consideration of the opponents.”