The third and the final phase of this year’s Spring online tournament season has come to an end with each of the series turning out to be a successful one.

PokerStars hosted TRIO Series and Turbo Week across its European segregated rooms, partypoker ran Monster Series across its dot-com player pool as well as in its European segregated room, which comprises France and Spain.

The four series had a combined guaranteed prize pool of over $12.5 million (9 million Euros, 2.5 million USD). In total, over $16.6 million was paid out (13.6 million in Euros and 3 million in USD).

That adds a nice cherry to the top of last month’s industry record, where a staggering $160 million was paid out across four major online MTT series. While not in the same tier as the giant dot-com market, the European market performed exceedingly well despite limitations of player pool.