GGNetwork Latest to Limit Multi-Tabling in Cash Games to Four Tables GGNetwork Latest to Limit Multi-Tabling in Cash Games to Four Tables

Just weeks after online poker giant PokerStars introduced a cap on multi-tabling, online poker network GGNetwork (GGN) is set to follow suit.

As per the network’s Public Roadmap, GGN is slated to impose restrictions on multi-tabling at cash game tables to four per variant beginning October 1.

The current rule allows players to play as many tables as they would like to on the desktop app. However, this will change dramatically from next month.

PokerStars’ new policy is a single, global multi-tabling cap across all ring games, but with Zoom exempt. The GGN system is different: There is a separate four-table cap for each cash game format. So players can play a maximum of four Hold’em, four Omaha, and four of its short-stacked game All-in or Fold, concurrently.

There will also be a separate four-table cap on Short Deck, when it launches.

No table limit will be applied to tournaments, meaning players will still be able to play an unlimited number MTTs. The table limit will remain the same on the mobile app, which is capped to a total of four tables, including tournaments.

“The goal is to speed up the games by making the gameplay less robotic to optimize the ecology,” said Jean-Christophe Antoine, Head of GGN, to PRO.

“4 seems to be optimal according to our data and it also mirrors the 4 tables available on Mobile. We will roll it out across the whole Network on October 1st,” he added.