Online poker giant PokerStars has withdrawn 6+ Hold’em Spin & Gos from its game offerings, PRO understands.

As per player reports, the game was removed from the PokerStars client over the weekend, presumably due to lack of popularity. The operator is still offering Short Deck in cash game and tournament formats.

6+ Hold’em Spins were introduced in the dot-com and dot-EU clients and across most regulated markets with access to the global player pool on July 25 following a one-day trial in Denmark.

Initially they were are available at five different buy-ins: $1, $3, $15, $30, and $100. The operator later added a $7 buy-in. On September 2, PokerStars removed the high buy-ins, leaving only the $1, $3, and $7 games.

As of today, they are no longer present in the PokerStars client at all, and advertisements for the game have been removed from the 6+ Hold’em cash game lobby.