Throughout this year, online poker operator partypoker has been making sweeping changes to its game offerings under the broad remit of improving player pool ecology.

These efforts will continue this autumn, with the operator announcing various updates to be implemented in October. In some cases, it is reversing or dialing back recently introduced policy changes.

One of the more substantial changes is the introduction of antes to cash game tables, requiring all players at the table to pay a forced bet into the pot before the hand begins.

The change was set to come into effect on October 3, though a partypoker representative later told PRO that it would deploy later this week. The announcement was first made by Rob Yong, Dusk Till Dawn owner and partner of GVC, parent company of partypoker, on social media.

However, it is unclear whether the room will introduce antes to all cash game tables or simply offer it as an option. A filter introduced on October 3 suggests that it may only be an optional change.