Pete Linforth, Pixabay

Partypoker’s goal of making it the “safest place to play poker” is seemingly coming true—at least per its self-reported numbers on bot closures.

Based on the latest figures published by the operator, only 16 fraudulent bot accounts were discovered and closed in September—the lowest to be reported since it began publishing figures ten months ago.

Just $13,000 was seized and refunded to players, also its lowest to date. The previous low mark was reported in February when 27 fraudulent accounts were closed; then, over $66,000 was reimbursed.

A low figure can mean one or more of three things: The operator has been successful in discouraging bot activity on its network; bot operators have got smarter to evade detection; or partypoker has reduced its enforcement activity.

Partypoker would naturally point to the first and has committed to rigorous and sustained enforcement of site policy.

“The site continues to invest in resources aimed at safeguarding the safety of its players,” a partypoker press release stated this week, “spearheaded by a specialist Poker Fraud Team comprising a collection of former poker professionals whose duty is to investigate suspicious activity and aid partypoker in ridding the site of unscrupulous accounts.”