PokerStars’ roster of Team Pros continues to shrink, with three more ambassadors parting ways with PokerStars. It continues a trend that started in 2018 and continued throughout last year.

It appears that this year will be no different, as the operator continues to scale back its Team Pro program.

Jason Somerville, who joined the company in 2015, is among the latest big names to bid farewell, alongside with Aditya Agarwal and Leo Fernandez.

Somerville, often referred to as the “Godfather of Twitch,” was the first to pioneer the movement of online poker streaming.

The American poker pro announced his departure on social media on New Year’s Day, expressing his gratitude to PokerStars and thanking them for the opportunities that the company gave him and his Twitch production studio, Run It Up.

“Working with PokerStars the last few years brought a lot of advantages, no doubt, but it also brought some disadvantages,” Somerville stated in a short announcement video posted on Twitter. “As an American poker streamer, it was tough being limited by my PokerStars exclusivity on the content that I could create.”