PokerStars Pulls Deep Water Hold'em, Tempest Stays PokerStars Pulls Deep Water Hold'em, Tempest Stays

Last Wednesday, PokerStars took down Deep Water Hold’em after running it for over seven weeks. Curiously, the companion push-or-fold variant Tempest Hold’em remains available for play.

In November, PokerStars launched two new cash game variants in tandem, Deep Water Hold’em and Tempest Hold’em. They were introduced shortly after Power Up, the operator’s esports hybrid game, was removed from the PokerStars lobby.

On launching the games, the operator had stated that both Deep Water and Tempest were available for a limited period only.

Both games are nautically-themed, have a similar design aesthetic, and played with the same rules twist: a “Giant Blind,” posted by the player under the gun, and an ante that increases when no one wins the pot.