PokerStars’ bounty-exclusive tournament series Bounty Builder Series is set to make its debut in PokerStars’ US markets of Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

Scheduled to run simultaneously in both, it kicks off on February 20 and runs for eleven days. The series guarantees $500,000 in Pennsylvania with an average guarantee of over $15,000 and $300,000 in New Jersey, averaging about $9375 per tournament.

The schedule is filled entirely with the very popular progressive knockout (PKO) tournaments, in which half of the buy-in typically goes into the prize pool and the other half as a bounty on each player’s head.

Each time a player is eliminated, the player who executes the knockout wins a proportion (usually half) of the bounty while the remainder goes onto their own head, growing their own bounty.

Aside from the total guarantees, the schedule for the two Bounty Builder Series are the same, featuring a mix of deepstack, turbos, hyper-turbos, 4-max and 6-max tournaments. There is also a special 25% PKO tournament, where the bounty is only 25% of the buy-in, unlike the usual 50%.