In Southern Europe, the two leading operators PokerStars and Winamax have announced online tournament series kicking off over the next couple of weeks and running through April.

The announcements mark the start of the busy spring period, when some of the largest online tournament series of the year will be spread across markets around the globe.

PokerStars will be running a €12 million-guaranteed SCOOP series in the segregated Southern European market serving French, Portuguese and Spanish players.

It is down €3 million on last year’s schedule but is an increase of €4 million on the last series it held, Carnaval, in February.

PokerStars’ Italian room, still outside the European shared liquidity pool, will be hosting its own SCOOP with another €5 million-guaranteed series prize pool, the same as last year.

The two SCOOPs will run concurrently, starting on March 22 and spanning two weeks.

Meanwhile, Winamax will be running its triannual flagship Winamax Series from April 5 to 16. The series will retain the €15 million guarantee which it had in the January edition, out-pipping PokerStars’ series by €3 million.