Partypoker’s poker fraud team continues to publish monthly reports on unscrupulous accounts, including bots, banned on the site.

As per the latest figures published by the operator, a further 253 fraudulent accounts were closed so far this year, with nearly $350,000 confiscated and reimbursed to players affected.

This takes the total number of accounts closed over the past 18 months to over 1000. During this period, the site recovered more than $1.7 million from rule-breaking accounts.

The largest wave of confiscation came in March, when over $250,000 was seized from 70 accounts and redistributed to players. It makes it the second biggest monthly seizure since the operator started reporting these figures at the end of 2018.

“Our tireless work will continue against bot users trying to decrease the quality of our poker games and ruin the enjoyment for the game we love,” wrote Juha, Head of Game Integrity at partypoker, on the official site blog.

“In 2020, to March 23rd, we’ve closed 134 bot accounts and confiscated almost $180,000. Partypoker redistributes 100% of the funds confiscated on bot user accounts back to players who have played with the accounts,” Juha added.