PPPoker Launches Pineapple Poker Variant, 3-1 NLH PPPoker Launches Pineapple Poker Variant, 3-1 NLH

Leading free-play poker app PPPoker, that allows users to set up and administer private poker clubs, has launched a new poker variant called 3-1 NLH with a tagline “Hold’em or Fold’em.”

The rules of 3-1 NLH are the same as Texas Hold’em except that every player receives three hole cards instead of two. Players must then discard one before the first betting round.

In 3-1, players get seven seconds to discard a hole card; the system automatically recommends one. The remainder of the game precedes exactly as Texas Hold’em, with the same hand rankings used.

Currently, the game is only available in club games at PPPoker.

“No-Limit Hold’em is the world’s most popular poker variation and a true classic! Classic never becomes outdated, but here at PPPoker, we’re always thinking of ways to bring a fresh and dynamic look to online poker’s traditions,” the website says. “3-1 NLH features all the classic Texas Hold’em elements you love, but with an extra card twist!”

The game seems to be, in all but name, a poker variant called Pineapple Poker, a common home game variant that is believed to have originated in the casinos of Las Vegas.