Asian Mobile App Upoker Launches Short Deck Omaha Asian Mobile App Upoker Launches Short Deck Omaha

Club-based poker app Upoker has launched an intriguing game format that combines two action-inducing variants, Omaha and Short Deck, into a single game.

As the name 6+ PLO implies, the game plays exactly like Omaha except that with a stripped deck, with deuces to fives removed. As in Short Deck, the game adopts the altered rankings—a flush beats a full house and an Ace play low to make A6789 the low straight.

The same requirement of making the best five-card hand using two from the hole cards and three from the board still applies.

The betting structure follows the same as the Short Deck in the high stakes Triton Poker Series, with all players paying a pre-flop ante. The game also comes with a new enhancement, Multiple Dealing, more commonly known as Run It Twice.

Currently, 6+ Omaha at Upoker is only available in private club games, along with a wide range of other formats, including 6+ Hold’em.

Since the deck is reduced to only 36 cards and that it supports multiple dealing, 6+ Omaha tables can only be created in heads-up, 4-max and 5-max table sizes.