PokerStars Doubling Down on Twitch as a Promotional Vehicle

Software updates suggest PokerStars is planning to integrate Twitch with its Stars Rewards program.

Last month PokerStars unveiled a new Twitch section on its blog. PokerStars is now looking to raise the stakes and is deepening its connection with the live-streaming site.

Last month PokerStars unveiled a new Twitch section on its blog. Players can now “watch live streams from the PokerStars team, chat with them in real-time and find out more about them,” according to the site. The site also teases more “exciting new features” coming soon.

Recently PRO discovered assets within the PokerStars client that hint at some of the plans the world-wide leader in online poker has for its partnership with Twitch.

“We’re not going to show our hand too early,” said Eric Hollreiser, Vice President of Corporate Communications for the Stars Group and PokerStars, in response to inquiries from PRO. “... but we are super-excited by the development opportunities on the Twitch platform itself and by the innovative ways we can bridge our PokerStars platform with Twitch.”

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June 07, 2018