PokerStars’ Indian room will soon launch an MTT tournament leaderboard that will pay out 5 Lacs ($7065) each month.

Although the leaderboard is yet to be announced, the new page can be found in the PokerStars Indian room website under the tournaments tab.

Every month, the operator has committed to giving away 5 Lacs in tournament prize money to the top 120 finishers, with the winner taking a INR 110,000 ($1555) first place prize.

The leaderboard ranking formula has been designed “to reward excellent performance and frequent play,” it was stated. It bases player rankings on the players’ 20 best tournament performances during the month.

Points are awarded to anyone who places in the top 15% of a regular multi-table tournament. Points for each finish are awarded based on the tournament buy-in, field size, and finish position.