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Ep 136 - We Convince Chance Kornuth To Play The $100K WSOP + Mintzy Had A Meeting With Dave Portnoy

Welcome back! On today's show we are joined by MTT crusher Chance Kornuth, who is currently at the final table of a WPT with $486k for first. We shoot the sh-- with him for a while about his poker career, some bad beats, degen'ing it up, and moving out of Vegas. He's such a humble, chill guy who is killing the MTT scene right now with unbelievable 2022 results so far. Before he hops on we do a little inside ...

Ep 135 - We Are An Anti Sexual Harassment Podcast And Mintz Apologizes To The Troops

Welcome back! We start the show talking about the weird times in the last couple of days at Barstool. We then talk a little about Jake getting married in a couple of weeks and if he's NERVOUS! We talk poker after that- starting with the fact women in poker are tired of being harassed at the table. We are the official anti sexual harassment poker podcast, kind of sad we haven't heard others say the same, hmmmm. Jake then answers ...

Ep 134 - MrBeast, Ninja, And Phil Hellmuth Play The Wildest Poker Game In Recorded History

Welcome back! On today's episode we all give our views on the wild, wild cash game with the biggest streamers/influencers in the world including MrBeast, Ninja, Alex Botez and Phil Hellmuth. We give our takes on Phil's behavior- if he's good or bad for poker, and if we are on the verge of another poker boom. We are also joined by the man who put together the game, Ryan Feldman, to learn how it all came to be and his ...

Ep 133 - Shaun Deeb Talks About "That Piece Of S---" Bryn Kenney And Calls Out The Other Cheaters In The Poker World

On today's episode we are joined by Shaun Deeb who lays into Bryn Kenney, Mark Herm, Ali, and the other cheaters in the poker world. Deeb issues a $1 million challenge to Kenney to play the WSOP without cheating, and tells us about why the cheating happens, what should be done, and how a poker "black list" would work. Deeb is candid and honest about the poker community, but also hopeful this scandal can help turn things around. A must-listen, ...


Welcome back! On today's show we tackle the big news in the poker world- if Ali Imsirovic is cheating at high stakes. Alex Foxen called him out directly, claiming he is running a stable that all cheats in online poker. Plus he got nabbed hole-card peeking on stream (which while not technically cheating, is frowned upon). We break down why he would cheat and what happens now. Then Mintzy recaps his trip to Cherokee, NC and the WSOP Circuit event ...

Ep 131 - Golfing With Michael Jordan, Playing Poker With Phil Ivey, And Some Tiger Woods Stories From Josh Arieh

Welcome back! Today we are joined by 2021 WSOP POY Josh Arieh to share some stories with us. He tells us what it was like to golf with Michael Jordan (spoiler: it sucked!), what it's like to play with Phil Ivey (it's scary!), and some funny Tiger Woods stories too. Before he joined us we talk about Phil Ivey's GOATness, his old fans who used to follow him around, Mintz returning to the felt, and a few other things. Enjoy!

Ep 130 - ACR Is Once Again Stealing Money, Nate Lives Next To A Crackhead, and The Mintzy Tour Rolls On!

On today's episode the fellas talk about the newest ACR scandal- someone internally is stealing money from the players. Also in the episode Mintzy talks about the latest leg of his tour in New Orleans- going to the NCAA championship game, Hogs For A Cause, and where the next leg of the tour might take him. Nate tells a story about how he lives next to a meth/crack head and how very un-fun that is. Jake is getting his cast ...

Ep 129 - Learning Everything About Live Tells And Live Poker Psychology + The Hellmuth Q4o Hand Analyzed

Welcome back! On today's show we are joined by Zachary Elwood who is a poker live tell expert. He has written a book on how to spot and use live tells at the poker table to your advantage and we asked him all about it. Before he joined the show we talked about the Hellmuth Q4o hand, got a Mintzy update from NOLA, and a Jake update post-surgery. Over an hour with the fellas, enjoy!

Ep 128 - The Destroyer and the Fellas Talk Poker and Life

Welcome back! We have a great fellas episode today. We answer your poker DMs and give some life updates- Jake is getting married and having surgery, the second leg of the Mintzy Tour has ended, Smitty needs a hug, and Nate might move to Vegas. We also talk some WSOP, give beginner cash game advice, and talk about The Dozen trivia show. A fun fellas show with the Destroyer and the boys. Enjoy!

Ep 127 - The Garrett "Gman" Adelstein Interview Episode

Welcome back! On today's episode, Garrett "Gan" Adelstein joins us for over an hour to talk about poker and life. He talks about shot taking, going busto, the mental side of poker, how poker and life interesest, and so much more. He gives advice, insight, wisdom, and knowledge that every poker player (and person) should hear. Just an incredibly smart guy spreading his knowledge to the rest of us. You'll leave this episode feeling smarter, wiser, and happier. Enjoy!

Ep 126 - Jake Give A TON Of Strategy And Poker Advice + The Mintzy Tour Has Reached Its End

Welcome back! We always get asked for more strat talk, so today Jake gives a lot of in depth strategy advice. Lots of good discussions including 4bet bluffing, live vs online play, developing a range, WSOP advice, spicy tuna rolls, and more. We also welcome Ben Mintz back from the Mintzy Tour, but don't worry, he'll be back in Louisiana soon. Take out a pen and paper and learn a thing or two, and enjoy!

Ep 125 - Rampage Poker: Punting, Winning, And Moving To Vegas

Welcome back to the show! One today's show we are joined by YouTube poker superstar Rampage. The last time he was on the show he was a humble 1/2 grinder who just binked an online WSOP bracelet, and now he is playing high stakes cash and just moved to Vegas. He talked to us about his rise in stakes, playing a $10k at the Aria with Daniel Negreanu, the art of the punt, his goals and aspirations, and much more. ...

Ep 124 - From $150 Nightlies To $50k Tournaments in a Month: The Jake Ferro Story

Welcome back! Today we talk to 2021 WPT Player of the Year Jake Ferro. He tells his incredible story about playing poker, going busto, and then going from playing $150 nightly tournaments in November to cashing a $50k buy-in tournament in December. Awesome guy and amazing story for all you degens out there. The boys also talk some online poker, Jake is back in the saddle, and General Spank let us know how his weekend was. A very fun episode, ...

Ep 123 - Ben Mintz Is The King Of The South And Smitty Broke Bread With The Diaper

Welcome on back! Today is the Ben Mintz Show. The King recaps his Super Bowl weekend in Louisiana, including his huge halftime show performance. He also tells us about how he got banned from Enterprise Rent-A-Car and more or less how he's just the king of the south. Smitty broke bread with WSOP legend The Diaper, Nate has food poisoning from week old sushi, and Jake is finally about to start working this year. Plus, we answer your DMs about ...

Ep 122 - It's Tuesday, I'm Here Til Friday, And I'm All Out Of Money

Welcome back! Today's podcast rules. A squatter update from Jake, great stories from Smitty and Mintz, and Nate can't stop losing at poker. Can't stop, won't stop. We also talk Mintz's plans for the future and our Super Bowl picks. Really just a fun episode, enjoy! (And please rate us 5 stars on iTunes).

Ep 121 - "Roothlus" Adam Levy Tells Us About The Old, OLD Days Of Online Poker

Welcome back! For the 3rd episode in a row we are joined by an OG in the poker world, this week it's Adam Levy, better known as Roothlus, often remembered as the man on the receiving end of Phil Hellmuth's "he called my raise with the queen ten hunny!" rant. He told us about playing with Phil and JRB, learning how to play poker with the legend lilholdem (RIP), what he's up to now, how poker can really mess with ...

Ep 120 - The Apestyles Interview Episode

Welcome back! On today's show we interview the legendary Apestyles. He has been crushing high stakes tournaments for 15 years, and is one of the best online MTT players to ever do it. We talk about his huge wins, his battles with alcohol, coaching, streaming, degen bowling stories, and much more. Apestyles is the absolute man (with a very sexy voice) and we are lucky to have sat down with him on this show. Enjoy!

Ep 119 - Chance Kornuth Teaches Us How To Win Poker Tournaments

Welcome back! Today is a jam packed poker episode with the boys. We touch on some things like Dipthrong's multi-accounting allegations, and then are joined by tournament crusher Chance Kornuth, fresh off back to back tournament victories out in Vegas. He tells us about how to play different spots in poker tournaments, the mental side of thing, how to improve, his coaching, and lots of other cool inside info about how to win tournaments. Chance was great, and is giving ...

Ep 118 - Smitty Might Be Dead By Next Episode

Hi all! Poker is slow right now but the show goes on! We have a presenting sponsor now so please support us and them! The show is a good one this week- Smitty is dying, possibly from a disease the doctors will ultimately name after him. We touch on the Rico Bosco situation, Jake's condo squatter situation, a #BenMintzMonitorUpdate, how much money you can make on YouTube, and we could use YOUR help (maybe). Plus, Smitty's kid and dog join ...

Ep 117 - Poker, Salads, and Taking Acid In 2022...Plus Annie Duke Is Probably A Witch

Welcome back and happy new year! We have a great show today- who is the best poker player who gets not enough recognition? Also, Jake has a squatter at his condo that he can't get rid of and Nate might move to Florida and start doing a bunch of acid. Plus is Annie Duke a witch? Enjoy!