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Ep 37 - We Won The Best Poker Podcast Of The Year Award!

We start off today's show talking Nate's bad beat and Twitter outrage culture (3:00-13:40). We then talk some poker strategy/advice- how to adjust your game to playing higher stakes/out of your comfort zone (13:40-31:30). And then the big news- we won poker podcast of the year! (31:30-43:30). Jake gives his bad beat (43:30-47:00), online poker legalization news (47:00-53:30), iTunes feeds off of 5 star reviews, hedging Super Bowl bets, and other tidbits (53:30-end). Enjoy!

Ep 36 - Losing $200,000 Backing Another Player, Finishing 34th in the 2015 Main Event, And Will New York Legalize Online Poker??

We start the show with Jake talking more about his 34th place finish in the 2015 Main Event. We then talk about the 25 events at this year's WSOP that are $1k and under. Then we talk about how stupid New York is to not legalize online poker when NJ and PA both have done it. Finally, we talk about the old days of online poker and how Jake lost $200,000 backing another player. We finish with bad beats of ...

Ep 35 - Phil Ivey's Awesome Bluff, Folding Quads, And Raising Aces

Today we start by talking about the guy who jumped in front of a bus after blowing his life saving's at the casino, surviving, and then gambling away the insurance money. Then we talk about Phil Ivey's awesome bluff with 52o vs Lex Veldhuis, and talk about the different levels of poker thinking. Jake then breaks down the infamous fold with quad Queens, explaining what should have happened on every street. Finally, we answer a listener DM about a hand ...

Ep 34 - How Much Money Do You Need To Play Poker? - Answering Your DMs + Poker New Years Resolutions

Welcome to 2020! We come in hot this year answering your DMs, including how much money you actually need to play poker comfortably, talk some cash strategy, and more. We also give our poker new years resolutions, and Nate shares a sad story from his run in the Big 50 that he's been holding in this whole time. Appreciate everyone that listens, enjoy!

Ep 33 - Chris Moneymaker Interview, Rick Salomon Is The Man, Free Phil Ivey!

Today we are graced by the LEGEND Chris Moneymaker. He is absolutely awesome as always, and talked meeting Senators to push online poker legalization, giving away $30,000 tournament tickets (possibly you?!), and his desire to become a Tik Tok star. Before that we talk about the Big Game on PokerGo where Rick Salomon is absolutely crushing souls, including the $992,000 pot he casually won. He is the man. Merry Christmas, please rate 5 stars and leave a comment in review ...


What an episode! We start by talking about how the WSOP released part of their schedule and give advice to newbies on what to play/where to stay. Nate then recaps his trip to Kansas City where he got in a weird hand with QQ that Jake dissects (also shout out to the beer Tank 7). We are then joined by very smart person Steve Ruddock who explains why online poker isn't legal in every state and why it might never ...

Ep 31 - Everything You Need To Know About How To Play Live Poker Tournaments

Easily the most knowledge-packed episode to date! In this episode the boys discuss how to play live poker tournaments, answering a ton of questions and offering advice to help amateurs get better at live poker MTTS. Bet sizing, when to be aggressive, bubble play, live tells, shove/folding, and so many more topics are covered. If you're new to poker tournaments or just need some extra tips and advice, this episode will be sure to help you. Enjoy!

Ep 30 - Gobble, Gobble, Gobble- A Very Poker Thanksgiving

On today's episode we talk a lot of Thanksgiving- what we're thankful for in the poker world, in real life, and some from our listeners as well. Also, how much better trains are than busses. We also talk about if there is a way to ultimately find out who the best poker player in the world really is. Finally, we discuss what's on the menu at Thanksgiving and how the internet is trying to ruin turkey for all of us. ...

Ep 29 - Matt Savage The King Of The WPT + How To Play Aces

On today's episode we talk to the king of the WPT, the man who makes all the important decisions in tournament poker, Matt Savage. He share an awesome story from Chris Moneymaker's win in 2003 that shaped poker history. We also do lots of strat talk including how to properly play aces. If there is a go-to episode, this one is it, enjoy!

Ep 28 - The Godfather of Twitch Jason Somerville + The Astros Cheating Scandal

Coming off the Daniel Negreanu episode we have another huge guest in this show, none other than Jason Somerville from Run It Up aka The Twitchfather. Dude basically invented poker streaming, and now has made it into a huge business. We also talk about the Astros cheating scandal and some Poker Masters as well. Jason was awesome to talk to, do enjoy.

Ep 27 - The Daniel Negreanu Interview Episode

Daniel Negreanu joins the show fresh off of winning- and then *not actually winning* the 2019 WSOP POY. He gives his thoughts on Shaun Deeb and Doug Polk, changes that need to be made to the WSOP in general, and gives a ton, and we mean a TON, of insight into changes that need to be made in the poker world in general. It's nearly an hour with Kid Poker, buckle up, leave a 5 star review, and enjoy!

Ep 26 - Daniel Negreanu Is Your 2019 WSOP Player of the Year!!! And PokerStars is Back in Pennsylvania!

Daniel Negreanu won the 2019 WSOP Player of the Year! We talk about how close he came to not winning, what he gets for winning, and the controversies that surround it. We then talk about how PokerStars has returned to the great state of Pennsylvania. Online poker is legal and running in PA and the games aren't too shabby. Finally we break down a cash game hand where we turn top 2 pair and it spells all sorts of trouble. ...

Ep 25 - The GOAT Nick Schulman, F THE VENETIAN, Check/Raising, And Tourney Tips

Today we are joined by the legend himself, the GOAT Nick Schulman. We talk improving on your game, how he got so good at broadcasting, beef with Norman Chad, and potentially fighting at Rough n Rowdy. We also answer listeners questions- Jake goes very in depth about how to handle check/raises, as well as when to do it yourself. We also talk about how to decide what tournament flight to play, and finally, F THE VENETIAN FOR BEING SCUMBAGS. Enjoy!

Ep 24 - Hellmuth ALMOST Won a Bracelet, Taking Shots At Higher Stakes, Listener DMs/Emails, And We HATE The WSOP-Europe

Lots of info bombs in this episode of the podcast. We start by talking about the WSOP-Europe and how dust it is. Hellmuth almost won a bracelet in a 45 person field, sad! We then answer a bunch of listener questions- topics include bankroll management, taking shots, and how to play underground games. Lots of knowledge and personal stories are shared, probably the most informative episode yet. Enjoy!

Ep 23 - Poker Cheater's Lawyer Is An Idiot, Did You Know WSOP Europe is Happening?, Annoying Things People Ask You About Poker, And Superstar Jeff Platt

We start the show with an update on Mike P the Poker Cheater. He hired a lawyer and boy, things aren't looking great for him. We then destroy the WSOP Europe for how poorly it's being run and marketed...did you even know it was happening? We then talk about annoying/frustrating questions people ask when they find out you play poker, and then finally we are joined by Jeff Platt from PokerGO to talk about a bunch of everything. A very ...

Ep 22 - Phil Galfond Interview, Mike P's DMs With Us, and How To Stay Focused At Low Stakes

Today's episode is a dandy. First we follow up with Mike P the poker cheater, going through our DMs with him where he pleaded his innocence. We break down each of his DMs and spoiler alert: He's a sociopath. We are then joined by the legend Phil Galfond who talks about running his own poker website, playing high stakes poker tournaments, and his thoughts on the cheater scandal. Finally, we answer a DM about how to play low stakes when ...


This episode is all about the biggest scandal to hit poker in YEARS, Mike P cheating on stream for a year at the Stones Gambling Hall. We dive into how he cheated, why it's 100% FOR SURE that he cheated, and run through theories on why he would do this. We are also joined by Joey Ingram who had a huge part in uncovering this whole thing and knows more about it than anyone. It's a story you would barely ...

Ep 20 - ROUNDERS 2?!, Draymond Green Gets Owned, The Best WSOP Runs Of All Time, And Losing All Our Money In Crypto

We start today's show by talking about the possibility of ROUNDERS 2 happening after the writer of Rounders put out a very promising tweet. We then talk about our top 3 favorite WSOP Main Event runs including Jamie Gold and reflect on some past final tables. We then talk about how to stay focused when you're completely card dead and how to deal with that. Next we talk about Draymond Green on Poker After Dark and how Maria Ho stuffed ...

Ep 19 - Survivor 39 Contestant Ronnie Bardah and Survivor Superfan Tommy Smokes

On this episode of Cracking Aces we talk SURVIVOR. We are joined by season 39 contestant Ronnie Bardah to talk about his preparation for the island, his strategy, and how poker and Survivor overlap. We are also joined by the legend Tommy Smokes who is a Survivor savant. Ronnie and Tommy are incredible, enjoy!

Ep 18 - Is Phil Ivey Broke??? Plus Twitch King Jaime Staples, Listener DMs, And Online Nostalgia

On today's episode we talk about some poker world drama- is Linus Loeliger a cheater and why was Phil Ivey backed for a $50k? We get emotional talking about Ivey and how awesome he is and how sad we'd be if he's actually broke. We then tackle listener DMs- how not to be "scared money" and Jake's path to being a successful poker pro. After some online nostalgia, we are joined by Twitch Gawd and prop bet master Jaime Staples. ...

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