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Ep 166 - Mintzy's Terrible Saturday

Welcome back and happy Thanksgiving! Today we thank you the listeners! In this episode Mintz has returned from San Antonio and poker/life did not go his way. He tells his tale and then we open some DMs from listeners. Enjoy! PS: New merch is out on Friday.You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit

Ep 165 - 3 Tips To Win The Main Event This Weekend + WSOPE Update, Learning How To Play GTO, Relationships In Poker, ACR, and More!

Welcome back! A nice chilly Tuesday episode with tips on how to win the Main Event this weekend, a Matt Savage WPT Segment of the Week, discussing if the WSOPE (Europe) matters/do rings or bracelets matter?, and your DMs about relationships, playing GTO, ACR yay or nay, and more! Enjoy!You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. Prime Members can listen ad-free on Amazon Music. For more, visit

Ep 164 - Is Having $1 Billion Too Much Money? + WPT/WSOP $10Ks, Bitcoin Crash, Adjusting To Live Poker, And More

Welcome back! We start the show talking about the lottery and Nate's take that having a billion dollars would be too stressful. We talk Smitty's streams with Tiko, Mintzy moving down south, playing a $10k WPT or WSOP, and your poker strat DMs including limping, adjusting to live poker vs online, how to count chips at the table, and more! Appreciate you listening and joining us, enjoy!You can find every episode of this show on Apple Podcasts, Spotify or YouTube. ...

Ep 163 - We Need To Double Our Money Before Next WSOP: The Live Poker Itch + Inside Barstool Stories

Welcome back! On today's show we start with some inside Barstool stuff and a walk down memory lane with Smitty, we talk some sports, Mintzy teases a big announcements, Smitty answers a Dozen phone a friend live on the show, we talk about the next few months of live poker and Nate suggests he might play the entire WSOP (just needs a hot stock tip to double his money first), we make fitness goals, and go Phillies! Enjoy!You can find ...

Ep 162 - Smitty Says Put Your Sack On The Jack (And Other Advice For Getting Better At Poker)

Welcome back! A lot of strategy talk in this one. We're going to get better at poker or die trying. In this one Jake explains terms like "randomizing" and when/how to do it, reverse implied odds, check/raising in cash games, and more tips on how to improve at poker. We also talk some Phillies World Series, Mintzy's new contract at Barstool, the human element of live poker vs playing GTO/by the book, and some other odds n ends. Another great ...

Ep 161 - How To Successfully Quit Your Job To Play Poker Professionally

Welcome back! On today's show we mostly talk about how one could quit their day job to chase the poker dream. What are the pros/cons, and what mistakes do people make while attempting the jump. Plus, Mintzy and Jake plan a trip together, Jeff Platt can't stop winning, how to find a poker coach, and more odds n ends. And very little cheating scandal talk, finally! Enjoy!

Ep 160 - Texas Poker Police Raid, More Hustler Cheating Scandal, And Jake Answers Your DMs

Welcome back! On today's show we give the latest in the cheating scandal and our takes on how big of a circus this entire thing is now, we talk about a Texas poker room that was raided by the police, and Jake answers your poker questions about ZOOM poker, game selection, how to play in the re-entry period, and a couple Jeff Platt HHs. Enjoy!


Emergency episode! We recorded today because last night a Hustler steam employee was fired after taking $15k off Robbi's chip stack! He also had access to the hole cards and looks very suspicious. Then while talking with Josh Arieh, Robbi posted what appear to be fake DMs from Bryan attempting to clear her name. It's madness! We cover the last couple of days of events in this emergency podcast episode as this cheating scandal takes yet another turn. Enjoy!

Ep 158 - Writer of "ROUNDERS" Brian Koppelman Joins Us To Break Down The Cheating Scandal + Talk Poker

Welcome back! On today's episode we are joined by the writer of "Rounders" and creator of "Billions" Brian Koppelman! He didn't want to talk too much Rounders which is ok, but he shared his thoughts on the Hustler stream controversy, his dealings with cheating in poker games, and shared a deleted scene from Rounders! It was very cool to talk to him, and hopefully next time he's on he announces the Rounders sequel we've all been waiting for! Enjoy!


Emergency episode!!! We hopped into the lab to break down the insane Hustler Stream hand between Garrett and Robbi that has taken the world by storm! Did she cheat? Is he being a baby? Why did she refund him? Why do none of her stories add up? But seriously, WHY DID SHE REFUND HIM!?!? The whole thing is fascinating and full of conspiracies. Is she a time traveler? Maybe! Come along for the ride with us, my friends!

Ep 156 - Jake Won A WSOPC Ring, Rampage Calls In To Discuss His $200k PokerMasters Win, And Some Strat Talk + Football

Welcome back! A big week for the podcast as Jake won the WSOP-C NJ Main Event for $50k and a circuit ring, while our friend Rampage beat all the best players out in Vegas in a $10k for $200,000 and a PokerMasters victory. Jake reviews his run to victory, and Rampage calls in to talk about his out in Vegas. Some good strat talk with Jake, plus we talk a little football with Smitty's Eagles taking the world by storm. ...

Ep 155 - Ben Mintz Danced Right Out Of His Pants, Nate And Dave's Date Night At RHCP, and Smitty Shares a Hand History

Welcome back! On today's show the fellas riff on Mintzy's drastic weight loss, the NFL and college football, bad football takes, the booming state of live poker, Smitty shares a hand history, Nate's trip report from his date night with Dave Portnoy, the Venetian is a scumbag casino, and Mintzy danced out of his pants, literally. A fun episode with the boys, enjoy!

Ep 154 - Papi Joey Ingram Gives A Life And Poker Update In A Great Hour Interview

Welcome back! Today we are joined by the legendary Papi GTO Joey Ingram! He updates us on his life- where he's been, what he's been up to, his Bryn interview, his thoughts on the current state of poker and poker content, his pitch FOR the Barstool Poker Tour, and lots of other great nuggets. Joey joins us around the 15 minute mark and we have a wonderful hour long talk that flew by. He's such a delight. Enjoy!

Ep 153 - JEFF PLATT WINS $100K!!! (INTERVIEW WITH JEFF) + Mintzy's Sugar-gate and A Little More ACR Is Scummy Chat

Welcome back! Today we are joined by the king Jeff Platt, a day after he won the MSPT Main Event for $100,000! He talked us through his career evolution as a poker player and how his broadcasting career has helped his game on the felt. He also tells us a Hand History from the final table and discusses it in detail with Jake which was interesting. We had a lovely chat with him, definitely worth checking out. Also on the ...

Ep 152 - Rampage Joins Us To Bash ACR + Hellmuth and Hustler Stream Discussion

Welcome back! Today we put on our tin foil hats to bash ACR for being shady, part 1,505,849. Rampage Poker joins the show to give his thoughts on ACR as well, plus we talk about the content game, his thoughts on money, tournaments, and interning at Barstool. We also discuss the Hustler steam vs Live at the Bike, including if Hellmuth moves the needle for poker fans anymore. A very fun episode with the fellas, enjoy!

Ep 151 - An Episode Full Of Poker And Life Advice From Jake

Welcome back! On today's show Jake talks poker strategy. He reviews a couple of Ben Mintz's hand histories, answers DMs including a question from our friend RampagePoker, solver reads vs live reads, and talks about wanting to be a triathlete. We will be doing more poker strategy episodes moving forward so we all get rich. We also really need him to open Kool Beanz. Keep DM'ing us on IG and we will get to more of your questions, enjoy!

Ep 150 - The Patrick "Pads" Leonard Interview Episode

Welcome back! Today we interview one of the best players in the world Patrick "Pads" Leonard for about 90 minutes. Pads has an unreal story about how he got better at poker, how he grinded his way up, his mental approach to the game, why he hates taking vacations, and much more. He also talked a lot about poker theory, some very valuable NLHE information you can't get anywhere else. A very, very informative episode with an up and coming ...

Ep 149 - The Kevin Martin Interview Episode

Welcome back! Today's episode is all about poker player, Big Brother winner, and Calgary's favorite son Kevin Rob Martin. The content creator, poker smasher, and reality show beast joined us on the podcast to talk WSOP, making content, getting crushed at high stakes, his dreams, his goals, and Phil Hellmuth's you know what. It was one of the most fun interviews we've had in a while, KMart is such a gem, enjoy!

Ep 148 - Should You Play Cash Or Tournaments? + ACR Is Scummy Again + More Summer of Mintzy

Welcome back! On today's show we talk about the massive fields in Florida, Smitty is now a cash grinder, leading to our in depth conversation with Jake on playing cash vs tournaments, a Summer of Mintzy update, ACR cheating ring uncovered, and more! Enjoy!

Ep 147 - David "Lefty" Diaz Joins The Show, Mintz Likes Widespread Panic, And Early NFL Chatter

Welcome back! Today we are joined by the man who folded queens full to kings full with 15 left in the WSOP Main Event, David "Lefty" Diaz! He walks us through his life- from his childhood cancer, grinding tourneys with Mintzy, the feeling of running deep in the Main, almost being shot in Texas (UNREAL story), and more. A really cool, interesting guy. We also chat with Mintzy about Widespread Panic, and update on Kool Beanz, and we close the ...

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