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WHY IS EVERYONE CHEATING?!?! On today's show, we talk about the Postle case being basically over, with the court system finding him technically innocent, but that's because the court system isn't built to understand poker. We also talk about another cheating scandal, with a player using a solver in real time to beat the cash games. We also talk about ACR banning Jonathan Little for being mean to them. Plus some sports chatter, NFL picks, and Jake's nana. Enjoy!

Ep 76 - How Would You React If You Won $15 Million, Plugging Leaks In Your Game, MD vs NJ, And Playing 1 Drop

On today's episode we talk some Netflix, we talk about what resources you can use to plug holes in your poker game, the feeling of winning $15 million in 1 Drop, MD poker players vs NJ- who ya got, a little ACR chatter because they banned Jonathan Little for being mean to them, and Jake's fridge situation. All in all one of the best shows we've done. Enjoy!

Ep 75 - So...How Do You Actually Become A Professional Poker Player?

The quarter quell episode! Thanks for joining us on episode 75. On today's show we spend some time talking about all the things that go into being a professional poker player- things you think about and some you might not. We also talk about how all Fedor does is win, the legendary Dang brothers, the biggest pots we ever won/lost, our favorite snacks, and our best wishes to the legend Mike Sexton. Enjoy!

Ep 74 - Achieving The The Poker Dream: Rampage Poker Talks Winning A WSOP Bracelet At 22 While Still Living At Home

BIG episode today. We are joined by up and coming poker legend Rampage, who has the best, most relatable story. He's been playing poker for 2 years, lives at home and lies to his parents about playing poker, and just won an online WSOP bracelet. If you want to be a poker pro, this is the episode for you. We also talk the Timex prop bet controversy, health, and some other odds n ends. Love this episode, enjoy!

Ep 73 - $200,000 To Make 90/100 Free Throws, Stool Streams Jenga, Sports Betting, And Reflecting On The Last 6 Months

Today's episode kind of brings us all up to date on the world. We talk about how life has been weird for the last 6 months, Timex's bet where he can make $200k if he makes 90/100 free throws by the end of the year, Coronavirus, betting on the Lakers, Jake's health, and some other odds and ends. A nice relaxing refresh if you will, enjoy!

Ep 72 - Being So Good At Poker They Ban You From Playing

Episode 72!!! Today we talk about GG Poker banning players who are winning *too much* on their site, we talk about the morals of sitting out when playing heads up if your opponent doesn't show up, Jake running terribly in swaps over his long career, and some Jake vs LeBron in tennis to close the show. We also answer a bunch of your Twitter questions and welcome Deion Sanders to Barstool. Enjoy!

Ep 71 - Brad Owen Joins The Show From Mexico, Portnoy Is Getting Into Bitcoin, And The Venom

We kick off today's show talking about Dave Portnoy possibly joining Bitcoin Twitter and all the poker players who are going nuts about it. We then talk about the Venom FT and some storylines around that. Then at the 17 minute mark Brad Owen joins the show for over an hour to talk about everything: Grinding tournaments in Mexico, MTT emotions vs cash games, the possible return of meet up games, his desire to be a pro rollerblader, and SO ...

Ep 70 - Negreanu Vs Polk HEADS UP FOR ROLLS DEATH MATCH (Plus Much More Poker Drama!)

Ep 70! What a doozy. We get into all the poker drama from the week- Deeb vs Daniel, LaPlante vs racism, Jaffe's tough convos, and of course, Polk vs Daniel, which has now created a HU 4 Rollz death match between the two. Plus an update on Jake's mangled foot, and the stock market is fake as hell. Jam packed awesome fun episode, enjoy!

Ep 69 - What's The Cheapest Thing You've Ever Seen A Poker Player Do?

Episode 69 in the books! We cover Jake ripping his foot open on a nail, and then get into the cheapest things poker players have done to save a buck. Then we talk some poker tournament strategy- going in about how to know if you're actually good at poker tournaments, and going for the win vs playing passive when deep in tourneys. It's a nice episode, enjoy!


Ryan Depaulo for over an hour talking poker, winning a WSOP bracelet in his car in a parking lot, degenerate gambling, ACR, content creating, vlogging, and much more. Get to know the Degenerate Gambler.

Ep 67 - WSOP Superstar Jeff "The Plattman" Platt

Jeff F'ing Platt. That is all we gotta say about this one. The legend makes his return to the CA podcast to talk about his 7th place finish in the online WSOP event while streaming the entire thing. Poker beast and all around great guy. Plus we talk about staying in shape, fitness, and how difficult it is to maintain that stuff. Enjoy!

Ep 66 - Making Hero Calls, Timex Prop Bet Update, WSOP Online Event Drama, And More

Happy July 4th week. Lots of topics on today's episode including the WSOP online event drama, Jake and Nate share hand histories of recent hands they played, the dentist is open, Timex has started shooting free throws, what happens to your bitcoin when you die, and more. Be safe out there and enjoy!

Ep 65 - Check/Raising Phil Ivey and Answering Your Questions About How To Get Better At Poker!

Welcome back! Today is a big Q&A episode, answering you questions about poker strategy and sharing poker stories, like the time Jake check/raised Phil Ivey on the river. We talk position, 3betting light, focus, and more. Good info, good times, good fun. Thanks for listening (sorry if the audio is a bit wonky) and enjoy!

Ep 64 - Darren Rovell Is A Big Ol' Fraud & How Many Tries Would It Take To Win The WSOP Main Event?

Darren Rovell stinks. STINKS. He played the worst hand of poker in recorded history and we break down if he's lying, an idiot, a troll, or all of the above. We then talk about if you got to play the WSOP Main Even "Groundhog's Day" style, how many tries would it take you win? We also talk some 'rona, blading, Hellmuth not believing in GTO, and some other shenanigans. Enjoy!

Ep 63 - Maria Konnikova- Best Selling Author And Poker Player & Do WSOP Bracelets Still Mean Anything

Welcome back! On today's show we are joined by NYT best selling author Maria Konnikova. She started her poker career from the ground up and became a crusher and wrote a book about the journey. We talked to her for a solid hour and she is as good as a guest gets. Before her we chat about the 85 WSOP online bracelets and if bracelets officially have lost value. Are they vanity or are they important?

Ep 62 - Poker Tournaments And The Stock Market Are WILD BOYS

The show starts talking about absurd tournament variance and why they are the dumbest things in the world aka the best things in the world. We then touch on the current events, BLM, and how the poker community fits into all of this. We talk about the stock market, billionaires being cheapos, and the world in general. It's another good one, thank you for listening!

Ep 61 - Cheating At High Stakes Poker: Jungleman, Ivey, Ghosting, And More

Welcome to the new episode! Today we talk about the cheating allegations tossed at Jungleman by Bill Perkins and discuss how prevalent cheating/ghosting is on the apps. We read their tweets, Jungle's apology, and talk about how rich we think Ivey/Negreanu/Antonio are. We also think about buying boat. Hop in, join the fun, and enjoy!

Ep 60 - Call Her Daddy Saga, Kelly Minkin Calls In, And Stock Market Gambling

Ep 60 BAY-BEEEE. We start the show recapping the Call Her Daddy saga because what else would a poker show talk about? We then talk about Poker Twitch and Lex's deep run in the SCOOP Main. Friend of the show Kelly Minkin calls in to shit on ACR, and then we talk about piling money into stocks that will make us rich. Another A+ episode in the books.

Ep 59 - Norman Chad Is A Dummy, Saving Online Poker, And Doug Polk vs The Mob

Welcome to episode 59! On today's show we discuss how online poker could die unless the sites all agree to some guidelines to keep the poker economy alive, Jake gives tips on how to survive the poker grind, we talk about Norman Chad's horrendous article about not needing sports in our lives, Doug Polk is fighting the mob, and much more. Thanks for listening and leave that 5 star review if you like it.

Ep 59 - Norman Chad Is A Dummy, Saving Online Poker, And Doug Polk vs The Mob

Welcome to episode 59! On today's show we discuss how online poker could die unless the sites all agree to some guidelines to keep the poker economy alive, Jake gives tips on how to survive the poker grind, we talk about Norman Chad's horrendous article about not needing sports in our lives, Doug Polk is fighting the mob, and much more. Thanks for listening and leave that 5 star review if you like it.

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