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Ep 122 - It's Tuesday, I'm Here Til Friday, And I'm All Out Of Money

Welcome back! Today's podcast rules. A squatter update from Jake, great stories from Smitty and Mintz, and Nate can't stop losing at poker. Can't stop, won't stop. We also talk Mintz's plans for the future and our Super Bowl picks. Really just a fun episode, enjoy! (And please rate us 5 stars on iTunes).

Ep 121 - "Roothlus" Adam Levy Tells Us About The Old, OLD Days Of Online Poker

Welcome back! For the 3rd episode in a row we are joined by an OG in the poker world, this week it's Adam Levy, better known as Roothlus, often remembered as the man on the receiving end of Phil Hellmuth's "he called my raise with the queen ten hunny!" rant. He told us about playing with Phil and JRB, learning how to play poker with the legend lilholdem (RIP), what he's up to now, how poker can really mess with ...

Ep 120 - The Apestyles Interview Episode

Welcome back! On today's show we interview the legendary Apestyles. He has been crushing high stakes tournaments for 15 years, and is one of the best online MTT players to ever do it. We talk about his huge wins, his battles with alcohol, coaching, streaming, degen bowling stories, and much more. Apestyles is the absolute man (with a very sexy voice) and we are lucky to have sat down with him on this show. Enjoy!

Ep 119 - Chance Kornuth Teaches Us How To Win Poker Tournaments

Welcome back! Today is a jam packed poker episode with the boys. We touch on some things like Dipthrong's multi-accounting allegations, and then are joined by tournament crusher Chance Kornuth, fresh off back to back tournament victories out in Vegas. He tells us about how to play different spots in poker tournaments, the mental side of thing, how to improve, his coaching, and lots of other cool inside info about how to win tournaments. Chance was great, and is giving ...

Ep 118 - Smitty Might Be Dead By Next Episode

Hi all! Poker is slow right now but the show goes on! We have a presenting sponsor now so please support us and them! The show is a good one this week- Smitty is dying, possibly from a disease the doctors will ultimately name after him. We touch on the Rico Bosco situation, Jake's condo squatter situation, a #BenMintzMonitorUpdate, how much money you can make on YouTube, and we could use YOUR help (maybe). Plus, Smitty's kid and dog join ...

Ep 117 - Poker, Salads, and Taking Acid In 2022...Plus Annie Duke Is Probably A Witch

Welcome back and happy new year! We have a great show today- who is the best poker player who gets not enough recognition? Also, Jake has a squatter at his condo that he can't get rid of and Nate might move to Florida and start doing a bunch of acid. Plus is Annie Duke a witch? Enjoy!

Ep 116 - New Years Resolutions, Idiocracy, How Did People Survive in the 1300s, Life, And Merry Christmas

Nate and Smitty wrap up the year talking New Years resolutions in life and poker, they talk about how weird life is and how strange the rituals we do on Earth are, dive into how the human race survived the 1300s, what a funny guy Trump is, more life talk, and Jake joins to wish us all a Merry Xmas and Happy New Year. Thanks to everyone who checks out the show, leave us a 5 star Xmas review and ...

Ep 115 - There Was A Time When Smitty And Nate Thought They'd Never Speak To Each Other Ever Again

Welcome to a very special episode of CA with your hosts, former enemies Smitty and Nate. They talk about Smitty's trip to Vegas, the inner-drama at Barstool, their former beef, Covid ravaging NYC again, being depressed, and a bunch more. First time they've ever done a show together, you'll love it.

Ep 114 - The Shaun Deeb Interview Episode

Today we are joined by Shaun Deeb, who we could have talked to for another 2 hours. He doesn't hold back his thoughts on anything...and anyone. Tells us who in the poker world he wants to fight, some good stories from the old online days, why he considers his WSOP a failure despite winning the $25k PLO bracelet, and much more. Plus, should Ben Mintz and Nate fight at RnR???? Enjoy!

Ep 113 - The Josh Arieh Interview Episode (2021 WSOP Player Of The Year) And BBQ Talk

Welcome to episode 113! Today we are joined by old school legend Josh Arieh who just won the 2021 WSOP Player of the Year! He picked up 2 bracelets in a heroic series, beating Hellmuth and Negreanu for the title of POY. We learned about his gambling background, going busto, getting rich, and going busto time after time, how his mental state effects his poker approach, old gambling stories, his 3rd place finish in the 2004 Main Event, and much ...

Ep 112 - The Boys Go To Therapy And Then Are Joined By Professional Baseball Player And Poker Crusher Rhett Wiseman

We are thankful for each and every one of you. The episode starts with a quick therapy session about life, happiness, and what it means. After we dig deep into our souls (go to therapy, you won't be disappointed) we are joined by Rhett Wiseman, a college world series champion and 3rd round pick by the Washington Nationals who just finished 249th in the Main Event. He tells great stories about life in the minors while also crushing cash games ...

Ep 111 - The WSOP Main Event Break Down With Special Guest Jeff Platt

It's the day after the WSOP Main Event and we had to do a bonus episode to talk about George Holmes heroic battle and the rest of the major storylines from the Main. We are joined by the legendary Jeff Platt of PokerGo to get an inside look at all the great stories from the last week. The Dirty Diaper, the hand that was played blind, Norman Chad, and some bozo who dusted off 100bbs with 43ss. Enjoy!

Ep 110 - The Complete Jake Toole 67th Place WSOP Main Event Saga With Hand Histories, Strategy, Stories, and More

Jake is back from Vegas with a 67th place MAIN EVENT finish under his wing. He walks us through all 6 days- hand histories, mind set, strategy, stories, and more. A very cool episode inside the mind of one of the best poker players (and our hero) in the world.

Ep 109 - Nate Punted The Main Event And The Boys Let Him Have It

Day 1 of the Main is in the books and Smitty is moving on, Mintz is moving on, Jake is moving on...and Nate punted in spectacular fashion. We talk about what happened, Smitty calls Nate an asshole 1,000 times, and Jake is mostly just disgusted by it. Enjoy!

Ep 108 - Dave Portnoy WILL Be At The WSOP

Welcome to episode 108. We start with the breaking news that the entire crew is playing the WSOP Main Event, and our fearless leader Dave Portnoy will be in the house on Sunday to "cheer" us on. We talk more about Main Event starting days, the mental side of playing the Main, Doyle Brunson the legend, being free vs having a family, climbing mountains, and more! We're on our way out west for the Main, so follow us on social ...

Ep 107 - All The Poker Advice From Jake

The full crew is back today and we spend a good chunk picking Jake's brain about WSOP tips, playing deep stacked with long structures, adjustments, and more. We also talk sandwiches, tips for youngins who want to be pro poker players, Jeff Platt, and some good ol' other odd n ends.

Ep 106 - Was Ben Mintz Fooled By A Channing Tatum Impersonator At The Poker Table?

The boys are back in town, talking about the time Mintz was possibly bamboozled by a fake Channing Tatum at the 1/3 table in New Orleans. They also talk about when Creed from The Office walked in on Nate in the bathroom taking a dump, when Smitty heckled a band into submission in college, and some poker talk too. A very fun episode, enjoy!

Ep 105: Mintzy Met His Poker Heroes In Vegas And Is Going To Ask Dave Portnoy To Back Him For The Main Event

Mintzy is back so we had to get him on to talk about his 9 (9!!!) day stay in Vegas. We also talk a little Hellmuth blow-up aftermath, the reaction to the CA crew in Vegas, and Mintz is apparently going to ask Dave to back him for the Main Event. A fun episode for all.

Ep 104 - The Phil Hellmuth Meltdown Episode

-- Ben Mintz interviews Phil Hellmuth, Nate reacts to the new footage of a meltdown, we talk about Addamo winning everything, who is the best tournament player in the world right now? & much more


-- We made it! Nate & Mintz are in Vegas for the WSOP with plenty to talk about -- Enjoy & buy some merch!